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Please update all bookmarks to point to the new domain at Unter-Hund.Com

Well, as some of you may have noticed, there have been some updates here at the blog.

First, I have finally got around to purchasing a domain name for the blog, which is now located at, all new links should update accordingly if all goes well.

Second, I made a slightly different, more descriptive (in case anyone was wondering what unter hund meant), but still very simplistic logo using the GIMP.

Lastly, I have better arranged the downloads area, as well as updating it with all the recent downloads that I’ve uploaded.

I’m still looking for good mirrors to host my files on, so if you have one please contact me.

Which also reminds me; I might be updating the Contact Me page with a submittable form sometime later this week or during the weekend, just to make it a little easier for people to get in touch with me.

Edit: The contact page has been updated with a submittable form. :)

Cheers for all of the support in recent months and I hope that through solid content, and a new, easier to find web address, the amount of people visiting my blog on a regular basis will grow even more.

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